So…you want to know more about us, eh? Well, you’re in the right place!

We are Micaylee and Sierra. People say we are two fun loving twenty-something year old girls that love new adventures, good food, and great people. We met a little over two years ago while working in retail fashion in the little undiscovered gem that is the Palm Springs area in Southern California. The rest, as they say, is history. We have been blessed enough to be best friends since! To learn more about us individually, see below.

We are Two Friends Travels. One day we were sitting in an adorable little coffee shop, sketching out our lives and futures –  you know, a good heart-to-heart- as only true friends can have – when our brainstorm went on a different level. We can say quite honestly that we have never been the same since. Our goal is to promote businesses, bloggers, storytellers, fellow creatives, and YOU as well. We would love to get in touch, hear your story, and help others get to know how wonderful you are!

We believe that there is inspiration in everyone and everything. Sometimes you just have to know how to look for it. We love to read our emails that tell us all about #mylifenotes.

We are located in Palm Springs, CA, but there’s plenty on the map for us to see and share. As we travel through life and on our adventures poking around the other places and ideas, we are privileged to have you join us. So tune in to our blog and social media and see what adventures we are on!  We love our followers and love to hear from you!

Cheers to new adventures!

Micaylee and Sierra


Micaylee is based in the Southern California area, and she thoroughly enjoys road trips and beach days. Iced green tea is her weakness, and she absolutely loves a boy named Aaron. She is a Communications Major, and is really enjoys talking to people and getting to know their background and story. As a marketing and media specialist, Micaylee excels at connecting with people, and is an incredible personal stylist. She constantly inspires others to be their personal best; and she draws her own inspiration from her loved ones, colors, and Pinterest!

Blog: Maybe she will get one (one day!!!)

IG: @micayleejohnson   

Sierra is California-based with a case of wanderlust: take her to the beach, take her to the mountains, take her on a road trip; she’ll be your friend. With a B.A. in English and Creative Writing (& consequently a lover of words), her passions include performing & creative arts, writing, and fashion. Currently, she’s a working model and actress, songwriter, and avid Instagram journalist. Sierra also works as a local photographer, music teacher, and videographer. Fascinated and inspired by people + their stories, mountains, skies, and city lights, she finds ways to be in awe and retell those stories wherever she goes!

Blog: www.imsierramackenzie.com.

IG: @imsierramackenzie   @sierrambrewerofficial