Chicken-Ceasar Salad

One of my personal favorite things to do? Find and make food. Good food. Food that fills you up and nourishes you. We have an upcoming post this week to talk about certain ways to mix foods to give you the best bodily functions, but in the meantime, here’s one of my go-to recipes for lunch or dinner: the basic, but oh-so-healthy chicken caesar salad.


lettuce, chopped. / caesar salad dressing / one half lemon / capers / raw or pre-cooked organic chicken / olive oil / lemon-pepper / lots of garlic / cracked pepper to taste / parmesan cheese / tomatoes / anchovies


  1. Start with your chicken. If you’re cooking it from scratch, make sure it’s cut into small enough strips that it will cook quickly enough so that you’re not making salad all afternoon, ya feel me? Heat some of that olive oil in a pan, add your chicken, season with salt and lemon pepper (or another seasoning if you’re feeling adventurous), and cook thoroughly. This is your protein, which will fill you up and keep you going for a while!
  2. While your chicken is cooking, prepare your salad. Decide what you’re in the mood for. Salads are always fun, because you can add and take away whatever your heart desires. I really like a tiny bit of anchovies in my caesar salads, and the small cans of them at Trader Joe’s are really convenient; I add them if we have them, then toss in some cherry tomatoes, crack some pepper, and add the capers.
  3. When your chicken is cooked, pat dry and let it cool for a few moments, then add as well. I like to wait to put my parmesan cheese on until after I put my slightly warm chicken on my salad, this melts the cheese and (it might be totally psychological, it might not be) I feel like warm parm just has more flavor? Someone correct me if I’m wrong (or affirm me if I’m right!).
  4. Add some of your caesar salad dressing, and more cracked pepper to taste. I’m a high-fat, low-carb girl, so this dressing is no problem for me and my health right now; but if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, go ahead and use a little lemon and olive oil instead. You’ll have just as much flavor, and it’s delicious! Enjoy!

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