Waking Up

Good Morning, Everyone! We’re jumping back into our health and wellness by thinking today about staying hydrated as a daily routine.

When I wake up, I grab my somewhat-warm water with lemon, and drink a whole jar to get my metabolism going and stay immediately hydrated. However, soon after that I may or may not fall down the rabbit hole with my cup of coffee. That being noted, on days when I just don’t think about it, I totally forget. Just so long as there’s something hot in the mornings – be that hot tea, or even hot water – I’m golden. It’s just all about that crazy routine. So for this month, Micaylee and I have sworn away that dehydrating coffee/caffeine and instead are planning on a few of our own ideas, plus a few great morning smoothies. Score!

  1. Flavor your water. Okay, so some people don’t like the plain taste of water. There’s a solution for you! Try infusing your own fruit water with something like this. Just cut up some of your favorite fruits and toss ’em in the core of the bottle. Only down side to this is that you should be getting at least eight cups per day; and unfortunately, unless you grab two or three or four water bottles, this just won’t cut it. At this point, take a gander at some specific essential oils: lemon is fresh, cinnamon is spiced and is a fantastic metabolism booster, peppermint is refreshing and sharpens your senses. There is, however, a specific essential oil blend from doTerra called ‘Sweet n’ Sassy’ (basically Micaylee and I in a nutshell, by the way). This is a great oil for boosting your calorie burn doing the most simple of things. It’s affordable, actually tastes interesting and delicious, and adds flavor to your water. Everyone wins!  We actually have an upcoming post with some delicious water pairings coming up this week, so stay tuned for that!
  2. Tea. Not sweet tea, but herbal teas and green tea. Black tea is caffeinated, but it’s still way less caffeinated than coffee. Micaylee’s a huge fan of iced green tea; I’m a huge fan of more fruity or white teas. Our friend Joshua at our local Teavana has sold me on Teavana’s Purify, or their Blueberry-Pineapple mix. I drink either in the morning, and Purify before bed, and I feel the hydration in my body for hours! Teas are a great way to boost your immune system and health, and just like the essential oils, you get to choose what you need. Think skin care for your body. If you must add some sweetener, stick to raw honey or stevia, which are both stripped to their purest forms, and natural.
  3. Smoothies. We’re going to get more into this this upcoming week; but adding leafy greens to your smoothie is an automatic hydration. Certain fruits are more food-focused than others; but apples, watermelon, spinach, and cucumber are all extremely hydrating and aren’t huge in their sugar content. Combine them all into a sweet spring smoothie and you’ll love it, I promise. And the nice thing about smoothies is that you can mix and match as you want. So if you happen to need that extra kick of sugar in the morning, add that banana or orange! Just keep it as close to its original form as possible, and you’ll glow! 
  4. Don’t forget about Electrolytes. It’s easy to lose salt as the heat creeps up on us during summer. I’m a huge fan of coconut anything (some say I’m cuckoo for coconuts), and make it a point to grab my coconut water when I think of it. I was shooting twice the other day in the heat, and between my second shoot and an audition in the afternoon, my coconut water saved and helped reinvigorate me for the evening’s activities. Gatorade is also a great electrolyte booster, so if coconut water’s not your thing, snag that instead.

What are your hydration tips or favorite teas to grab? We’d love to hear from you and add to our tea collections!


Micaylee & Sierra


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