Happy April

Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to {almost} April! Micaylee and I are excited to be bringing you this month as we hone in on one of our favorite, most passionate subjects: health and wellness! It’s early spring, so whether you’re trying to get in shape for summer and all that comes with it, or you’re doing some of your own physical spring cleaning, you are just curious about some of our passionately-bred health tips and tricks (we are learning alongside all of you, trust me!), or just happened to stumble upon the blog, welcome! It’s never too late or early to start taking care of your body, and feeling great leads to a much higher confidence level- believe me, when I’ve skipped the gym for a week, I feel it. And it’s mental.

To keep you on schedule, the first week of April, we’ll be focusing in on the importance of liquids: think smoothies, staying  hydrated with tea and water, and essential oils, which I will sing the praises of all day long. We might even have a giveaway in store, but who knows?

(Actually, we do. Check back on Friday for that.)

The second week of April, we’re going to mix it up, and look into beauty. Why are oils good for you? The importance of dry brushing, and how digesting the right kinds of liquid and foods add to your outside pretty. We’re also including our favorite health conscious beauty tips and product from some amazing companies. It’ll absolutely be a fun one!

Week Three is going to be on food– um, hello. I just heard my name. I love good food, and so we’ll be sharing some of our favorite, health-savvy recipes that you probably already have incorporated or enjoy in your every day life. Food is a mental thing, and so what we’ve planned is a map of why certain foods are good for you. If you feel good, that’s where you go. It’s a great exercise in self-love and confidence.

The final week of April is, you knew it was coming, fitness and exercise. It’s absolutely important (if a little…eh, sometimes) to stay somewhat active throughout the week. We get that everyone has busy schedules, but this can be fun. We not only have a cool Pinterest board, we’ve got a fun playlist for both cardio and yoga. Speaking of yoga, there’ll definitely be some of that, too. Our method is to trash the scale, trash the measuring tape, and look into detoxifying and feeling good.

So, you ready to jump in and join us? Good. We’ll see you starting Monday!


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