Meet Balm Skincare

As you may know, Sierra and myself have been embarking on our natural and holistic lifestyle journey. We started our journey to be more conscientious of what went on (and ultimately in our bodies!) Shortly after we started our journey, we both got devastating news. Two of our loved ones were diagnosed with cancer. We developed a new sense of urgency and passion for this new lifestyle. This is where our passion for natural beauty started. We are lifers, the end.

Recently, we were blessed with the opportunity to meet Lindsey and Katie of the raw skincare line, Balm Skincare -through the power of social media of course! These ladies encompass the reasons that we are embarking on this journey. Their story is close to our hearts and we couldn’t help but share their amazing journey.

The Balm Skincare team has the opportunity to attend The Oscars this upcoming weekend with a handful of other vendors to show off their amazing products!

Here is more about Team Balm Skincare, we spoke with Katie who leads the brand’s marketing and operations:

Q: What inspired you ladies to start an all-natural skincare brand?

We learned so much about cancer through both of our families’ journeys that we just had to do something. Lindsey’s mother’s mesothelioma started from exposure to asbestos related chemicals (environmental d8chemicals). My mother’s breast cancer has been linked to parabens oftentimes found in beauty products, etc. After going through these experiences we both learned so much about natural and holistic medicine – it changed our mother’s journies, and our lives.

Q: What keeps you inspired to stay natural?

Our mothers’ journeys inspire us daily. And when we hear about other people getting diagnosed with cancer for example, our hearts just fall. While we can’t heal cancer we do believe that there are measures we can take to decrease our risks. For example, eating organic, or eating a plant-based diet….using chemical free skincare products. To us there is no more inspiring purpose in life, no bigger reason to get out of bed. And we get to do it with our BFF, so that makes it fun!

Also, when launching our #ibalmfor_____campaign we found a great community of people that wanted to share their story as well. We were so encouraged by the sheer amount of people who have had similar experiences and who are ready and willing to join our tribe and share their story in spreading our mission. To “balm for” someone means to demand higher standards because of a certain reason. This reason is different for everyone. While we balm for our moms, others balm for their children, their partners, their futures. Each person’s reason is important and we look forward to using this campaign to propel our story forward. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive responses, and so inspired. (To join the campaign please reach out to balm skincare by direct messaging them on FB or Instagram @balmskincare and they’ll get you the information to do so)


Q: What does leading a natural lifestyle mean to you and how do you implement it?

Making conscience decisions about our lifestyle and health. To do this we listen to our bodies. We believe the body will always tell the truth, and so we choose to feed our mind, body and spirit what it needs. At times this means not getting what we might want (skipping on the chocolate cake), but it is nevertheless what the body needs to maintain homeostasis.

We also incorporate chiropractic care, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and herbalism, etc.  We consider the alkalinity of our bodies as we make daily food choices. For example, I notice when my tongue feels more acidic when I’m drinking lots of coffee. This means I’m throwing my body out of balance and I need to cut back on the java. As we take these things into consideration we notice that we get sick less, are less bloated, and have more regular menstrual cycles to boot.

Of course, we also choose to eat organic foods as much as possible, and use natural products to clean our homes, etc. When I became a mom these lifestyle measures were challenged. I was really stretched to keep up with the natural lifestyle when time was fleeting; however, I promise you it has made all the difference. I gave my son a vegetarian probiotic, for example, and it was a game changer for him. Feeding my family with sustenance from the Earth has just proved more effective for my growing family. We’re definitely committed!   

Q: What were some of the things that made the transition hard?

Chocolate cravings 🙂

Not having an understanding support system makes it hard. We found that people thought our transition was temporary as our moms went through cancer treatments.  When we didn’t revert back and made enduring changes, people thought we were crazy hippies. Having people around you that respect your decision and support your choices makes a huge difference. Do it with a friend. 🙂

Also, weeding through all the choices there are out there makes it very hard. There’s no shortage of “natural” products available in the market. With so many options it’s hard to know who to trust and who to give your money to. We have come across some great partners along the way that have made it a little easier (Hippocrates Institute, Gerson Institute, Maximized Living).

Q: Do you have any tips to making the switch over from “conventional” beauty routines?

Be patient with your body, and be open minded.

Your body will need to detox a bit as you go through this change. You may break out as that happens and that’s ok. Once you achieve balance your skin will be happier than ever, but it is a bit of a journey to get to that balanced place. It’s the same idea as a body cleanse, some dirt comes out before you’re glowing. Listen to your body as you’re adjusting your beauty routine, it all plays a part in the bigger picture. A symptom is an opportunity to learn. If you do break out for example, there’s a reason, so pay attention and learn what that could be from. Could it be hormonal? Did you eat something you shouldn’t have? Is dairy affecting you? These all play an important role in your body finding balance.

Stay open minded: these products are completely raw. They look, feel and smell natural. Embrace the differences and know that you’re feeding your health and your skin simultaneously – this is exciting.

Q: What makes Balm Skincare different than other natural brands?

balm is different because we have a story to tell. We share our story about cancer and health experiences to help people see that we’re just like them, and that too many of us are suffering at cancer’s hand without a way to fight back. We choose to fight back through this skincare line, and encourage people to take a first step toward natural health with our brand.

Also, balm is specifically designed without any synthetics or preservatives whatsoever. We don’t cover up what our products smell like or feel like. They are what they are. We’re proud of it.

We also are dedicated to radical transparency. On our site, you’ll find the cost of the products, and the prices we sell them for, etc. We are a completely open book.

Lastly, balm is about a mission, not beautiful skin. We unapologetically lead with our story in the hopes of building a tribe of like-minded people that will demand higher standards in all aspects of their lives. You make the change to “balm” for a health reason (you want to lead a more natural life), and you keep purchasing when you realize how great your skin looks and feels. As we add to our tribe we hope to change the industry to stop putting our health at risk for convenience’s and price’s sake.

Q: You have the amazing opportunity of attending The Oscars in a few days (!!) What are you looking forward to the most about this experience?

The chance to share our story on a national stage! We’re going to get the chance to connect with all sorts of influencers and we’re hoping to find some key partners that believe in our vision to help us carry out our mission and add to our tribe.

Join the Balm Tribe:





We definitely hope you keep up with the incredible work these ladies are doing over on their end! They inspire us to no end! Ladies, we’re cheering you on at The Oscars this weekend! Stay tuned on our Instagram as we connect more with balm.


Micaylee & Sierra



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