-Editing Your Closet-


We here at Two Friends Travels are all about that lifestyle- and not necessarily the on-trend lifestyle, either. What exactly is your style? What jumps off the shelf and screams your name? What are your hit-or-miss seasons?

That being said, nailing down your particular season is the start of a good relationship with your closet. For Micaylee, our gorgeous summer toned lady with her blue eyes and blond hair, bright colors are her tune. Sierra, on the other hand, is an autumnal brunette and coloring, and loves her warm spice tones. But how do we carry those colors and staples through the rest of the year?

A “capsule” wardrobe is key to simplicity. Our lives are already so extremely cluttered, and even just a little bit of that clutter is made more simple through a minimized closet with a few timeless, mix and match pieces that match emulate the lady you are and the lady you project. It absolutely contributes to our mental health and well-being. Once you’ve established what colors are best suited to your coloring, it’s also a good idea to plan along the lines of your shape, budget, and upcoming season. For us here in Palm Springs, our springtime is right around the corner, so our minds are already fixated toward that dominantly warm season.

Body types and shapes are so exciting these days. There’s  a myriad of clothes tailored to flatter each body type, and you probably own a lot of your own personal bests already. To start, take a good look of what exactly you own in your closet, and figure out exactly what you cannot live without. In the words of one of my favorite movies, Leap Day, if your house were about to burn down, what are the (first ten) things you would grab? Apply to your closet and you’re good to go. In my opinion, ten things a modern lady would do well to have on hand are:

Sierra’s Must Haves:

  1. A great dress (LBD or otherwise- talk to a handful of friends and they’ll tell you exactly how much I love these)
  2. A white shirt + a black shirt (or two or three of different variety)
  3. Smart denim (capris, jeans, jackets, etc.)
  4. High heels & flats (two opposites that absolutely make or break a day- or your toes)
  5. Pair of black pants (boring but tried and true)
  6. Patterned and solid tops (long stripes are my favorite, and add pizzazz to any day)
  7. Leather jacket and scarf for chilly days/traveling.
  8. A colorful pencil skirt or pair of shorts – both favorite items for the spring, summer, and autumn.
  9. Canvas sneakers and/or tennis shoes for running around in.
  10. Shift and maxi dress.

Of course, I’ll add onto these staples with a list of accessories/my bag, and I feel good to go.

Micaylee’s Must Haves:

  1. Great Pair of Jeans (I prefer AG Jeans)
  2. Basic tops. (Neutrals and a Colorful tee)
  3. Chambray top. I have 4 to my name!
  4. Bright/patterned blouse. (Just because you are striving for a minimal wardrobe does NOT mean you have to sacrifice color!)
  5. A dress you feel confident in. When in doubt you can throw it on for date night or lunch with the ladies.
  6. A leather & denim jacket!
  7. Colorful shorts. Living in the desert we have long periods of heat! I love to thrown on my colorful shorts with a neutral top for an easy outfit!
  8. A fun A-Line/Circle skirt!
  9. A classic purse. Although mine is bubblegum pink it is the perfect accessory!
  10. SHOES!! Some shoes are worth the investment! Style and support are so important! Love your body and your style!

See here? This is a good skeleton closet that actually has my name pretty much written all over it. On the other hand, Micaylee’s ideal closet has much more color, imagination, and inspiration. Where my fun is in my accessorizing during the summer months and enjoying my deep, rich colors in the autumn and winter, it’s your job to figure out where your style fits into these pieces. Have a good shift dress in your favorite color? Keep it. A statement top to wear with those white jeans, black jeans, and denim? Keep it. A pair of heels that make the plainest pair of boyfriend jeans glamorous? You’ll definitely want those. There are thousands of different options!

Grab two huge storage boxes. Within the first goes those items that are a part of your history: you know, your wedding dress, senior prom dress, evening gown from this or that, or that one halloween costume from when you were a baby. Keep those by all means. Just get them out of the way and see how wonderfully open your closet feels already (without that bunch of lace next to your work pants).

In the second box, be free. Give away everything you haven’t worn in six months- even if it’s something you’ll get around to wearing every so often. Or, Micaylee and I often dig around in each other’s closets. You never know the way a certain style might intermingle with each other’s brand. So grab a close friend to help edit, or pull everything out of the closet and figure things out together.  The biggest rule I’ve learned in my pretty much consistent editing is that all, and I mean every single thing you own, should make you feel you, beautiful, and fabulous: from your cashmere sweaters and jeans, to your evening wear. As cliche as it sounds, it truly is difficult (for me anyway) to feel like a lady if I don’t feel like you look like one. So take this time, and enjoy it. Life’s a journey. Have a closet that can travel with you at a moment’s notice.

What are your best wardrobe editing tips? We’re always on the lookout for new ones!

-Sierra & Micaylee




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