January Beauty Favorites!

This year we are embarking on a natural beauty journey and we couldn’t be more excited! This journey won’t be all rainbows, butterflies, and great smells- but don’t be alarmed, of course it gets better!

To start this process we did a natural armpit detox (the “not-so-great” smell) but it made us feel great after those two weeks- a full idea is coming soon, so stay tuned.

This year we hope to bring you our monthly beauty roundup of our great finds!


Nature Bare Body Care

What a dream! I thought finding a natural body/hand lotion would be hard to find but the quality of these lotions are AMAZING! They go on smoothly and your skin drinks it right up. All three of these products smell like cocoa and keep their fragrance for most of the day. Putting these lotions on after the shower leave your skin feeling hydrated all day long! The Harsh Hands is my go-to hand lotion. I keep it in my purse so it is always close to me. Dry skin and cuticles seem to have plagued me this year and this was my winter savior.


Cocovit Coconut Oil  

This was the first thing that I discovered when thinking of going natural. No, coconut oil is not just for eating! Coconut Oil is amazing and has a multitude of uses, but Cocovit in particular is unique because they harvest the coconuts and extract the oil without it being treated by heat. This keeps the enzymes potent and provides optimal nutrients to your thirsty skin. Coconut oil is anti fungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. Our favorite daily uses, pleaseandthankyou:

1) Moisturizer after your weekly face mask

2) Oil Pulling (Literally either google this, or swish some of this good stuff around in your mouth for a few minutes. It’s bang-for-your-buck teeth whitener, not to mention a germ detox, plus a skin hydrator)

3) Makeup remover


Cocovit Lip Polish

Harsh Winter temperatures got your lips dried out? This is that you have been looking for! This Mint Lip Polish is super hydrating and a fabulous exfoliant to help rid your lips of dead and unwanted skin. It doesn’t not only strip your lips but also hydrates them too! I like to leave this polish on for a little while (usually with a facemark because hello hydration) and let my lips get hydrated!


Primally Pure

Here is one of the hardest switches for us. Before using a natural deodorant we decided to do an armpit detox to rid our pretty pits of all the chemicals that have built up there the past 8-ish years. After the detox, we got introduced to this beauty! This Lavender Deodorant has a great consistency (as some natural deodorants have a soft texture) and has worked its way into our daily routine easily!  We will be wearing this for many years to come! They have a great fragrance from essential oils that helps us through the sweatiest of days (as we live in the desert) while giving us a little aromatherapy throughout the day. We will update you when we start to experience our summer months (when temperatures climb up to 120°), but this is a must buy!


DKT Polish

Spend a little time on you. That is what DKT is all about! They know that, as a busy woman, sometimes it’s hard to meet all of the demands of the world. While being conscious of what we put in and on our bodies, DKT has adopted the 5-free formula. To better understand what 3, 5, and 7- free polishes are, check out this article. This polish goes on just like your typical polish, but you feel better wearing it because you know it is good for you! These shades are fun. The nude shade is Class Act , a pinky nude that I have fallen in love with. When I am feeling bold I love to pamper myself and paint on Shattered Ceilings to remind me I am a Boss Lady who can own any task I put my mind to!


Odette And Joni

Say hello to this yummy face mask! For those of you know us we LOVE ourselves some matcha and green tea!  When Odette and Joni sent us this French Green Clay and Matcha Face Mask we were instantly in love. First off, this texture is so dreamy. You mix the powder face mask with a little water and apply evenly over your face. While you let it dry, do something for yourself! (I suggest reading up on your favorite blogs or scrolling through Instagram. But I wouldn’t tell anyone if you had a scoop of your favorite mint-chip ice cream.) Their Naked Body Butter is a must have on your night stand. I put it on my hands and elbows every night before bed and they are super silky in the morning!

We are looking forward to hearing if you have tried anything featured here or if you plan to try some out! As always feel free to ask us questions about products. If you have any suggestions about beauty products or any DIY’s you want us to try, let us know via email or comment! And of course, if you want to collaborate with us, feel free to shoot us an email: hello@twofriendstravels.com. We absolutely look forward to hearing from you!


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