January 1st


Speaking to a lot of people over the last few weeks, there has been a very distinct conclusion: that 2016 was, in a nutshell, hard.

It was cracked, and sore, and interesting to say the least.

For both Micaylee and I, that includes especially the last four to six months.
2016 hasn’t been easy for a lot of people.

We’ve both had some family struggles with cancer.

I moved across the country, and then moved back.

But it’s also included some of the biggest blessings. Like learning how to be content at home for just a season longer. I met Zeus, and he’s pretty much at the top of my list of “bests” that happened this year. I completely switched gears when it came to jobs, and recalled just exactly why I’m an “entrepreneur” in the first place. And then of course, there’s this amazing journey with all of you, and everything that has come with it thus far has been one of the most incredible experiences.

The last 6 months have been a test to my (Micaylee’s) organizational skills. When reflecting on the year I would have never expected to start a blog, have my other half move 3 hours away and have 2 jobs and going to school. I was busy to say the least. But in 2016 I found a passion for communicating, yoga and blogging. Having a strong support system keeps me going and reminds me that I am capable of doing anything I set my heart out to do. In case YOU haven’t heard that lately, SO CAN YOU!

Our actual expectations may turn out way differently than life does and that’s okay. The key if having those goals and those passions to grow with you and the person you’re becoming.

2017 is a year of mindfulness for me. When reflecting on the year I realized that I need to remember to care about myself.As a result I have decided that this year I am embarking on a natural health and beauty journey that I will be sharing on the blog. I am beyond excited for this and cannot wait to share it.

Micaylee and I have learned and are learning how to breathe and take note of our biggest priorities. Our faith has remained steadfast during the nearly constant tidal waves. And everything that’s begun earlier this year is going to be continuing into 2017, so it’s also a blessing in disguise to realize that those things are going to be making us stronger, and into the women we are today.

Going into 2017…

I am making a point to clear my mind and heart of the mental and emotional clouds that have been enveloping me the last few months. Anything that says I’m not good enough. Worthy enough.

Anyone who tells me that my truth isn’t for them.

Maybe it’s not. But then, maybe I’m not for them, either. Because my words are meant to be spoken, and they are honest.

I have come to a realization recently. 
Over the later summer, I was trying to re-find my first self.
I went about it all wrong.
I should’ve been seeing and creating myself, instead of others telling me that I couldn’t conform to their standard.

I think that’s when I remembered:
Just as they say in love- sometimes when we are looking for something, we don’t see what’s around us. So sometimes, we never find just what we are looking for. Like a silky cobweb that appears overnight- it’s soft, and quiet, and unexpected, this growing and learning thing; but it’s very necessary.
Ironic how I’m remembering this like a scene from a film just now at the end of the year.
Crazy thing is, that “past self?” She’s just slightly harder to find these days.

I’ve already been recreated by grace.

“Be you” is all well and good, but only when you are constantly learning and open and embracing to what is brought into your life, and becoming wise enough to close the doors that need to be shut.

Our passions change.

Of course they all interweave; but as we grow, so do they. And I know we are not to remain stagnant.
Cultivation- yes, that’s necessary, too.
Constantly sowing new seeds, taking care of old ones and letting unhealthy ones go.Taking care of others. Taking care of ourselves.
We’re going to be re-rooting, uprooting, and forging new journeys, adventures, and travels- both of us- in 2017 and we are so excited.


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