A Little More About Us.

Hello there, and welcome!

We are Two Friends Travels; or, more commonly known to our family and friends as simply Micaylee and Sierra. We met as we were both first exploring the job market in fashion retail in the Palm Springs area, and have enjoyed our (CRAZY) friendship ever since.

Micaylee is a Communications Major, and  she has a talented communicator, and has the gift of being able to listen as well as talk. Sierra is an English Major who has learned exactly how much more she enjoys writing and working for herself. We’re both entrepreneurs who love traveling, pretty photographs, new places, and have a penchant for cute shoes and bright colors.

We’re here to bring every day inspiration, and we both find it in the smallest things. Sometimes it’s in a bouquet of flowers (we are partial to Sunflowers) or good food; sometimes it’s taking time to create our very own inspiration wall or divulge in art projects. Sometimes life’s the way it is, and we just have to create our own inspiration! If you’ve read the below posts, a lot of our inspiration has come from each other and from our coffee/tea dates. Bright, open spaces, rose gold and succulents are our favorite. So if you’re the labeling type, you could just narrow us down to a little bit of minimalist hipster with preppy style and a little of everything else in between. Who cares about labels anyway?

Two Friends Travels isn’t just all about us, though. It’s about you. Our goal is to promote businesses, small and large alike! Feel free to reach out to us if you have a business, Etsy shop, or even just the start of something more, and we will be more than happy to get back to you! We are coast-to- coast travelers, and enjoy photographing and sharing our travels and special spots and locations in between. Since we’re both avid Instagrammers, feel free to check out our “mini-blog” over @twofriendstravels, or find both of our private Instagrams on the home page. We absolutely look forward to getting to know you, work with you, or just chat with you!


Micaylee and Sierra


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