Coffee Shops Inspire


Sitting in coffee shops is always one of two experiences: (1) absolutely bustling, full of noise and the comforting sounds of coffee being ground amidst a chattering of people enjoying themselves and their drinks, or (2) simply a place where one goes to get away from the “noise” and cluttered mental chaos at home to clear their own mind.  Either way, you hope that you enjoy whatever something you choose to wrap your hands around, and you hope to be inspired in a break. Unless of course, you just want your caffeine to get you through the day, extra coconut milk, hold the sugar, please and thank you and have a nice day. That’s happened before, too.

More recently, though, I (Sierra) have been trying to make the switch to tea. I’m a working model and actress in the industry, and my agent recently told me it was time to put away the caffeine- a cup of pure black coffee with or without a splash of coconut milk is one of my favorite things.  Somewhere in my mental state, I declared the case hopeless, and began to try to convert my best friend, Micaylee, to coffee. Micaylee is a tea drinker to the core of her being (perhaps that means she’ll live longer and is – according to studies- more of an intellectual?), but since most so-called “coffee shops” oblige both coffee and tea drinkers, we ended up having one of our chats in a little place called Koffi in the Coachella Valley.

“I don’t like coffee,” Micaylee had declared to the barista, “Can you please make me something you think I’ll like- with almond milk?”

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to hear the conversation. I was busy looking for my car keys. When I had finally found them and was on my way to the shop, I had given up (again) on my quest for a coffee-free life, and ordered “what she was having.”

A few minutes later we had a brainstorm, and here you are, reading the result: Two Friends Travels. A place of DIY’s, fashion, small businesses, food, new places- and lots of succulents and other ideas in between. I pulled my ever-present notebook out of my purse, and began scribbling.

“We should drink coffee more,” Micaylee exclaimed as we continued in our brainstorm of planning, strategizing, documenting. I couldn’t help but grin and agree.


p.s. : In case you’re wondering, I have indeed finally made the switch from coffee to tea. Of course, I still like the taste of coffee more. But it’s a newfound caffeine-less part of my day that I can’t help but enjoy. Any recommendations? What do you prefer?

xo, micaylee & sierra

Photo & Post by Sierra Brewer. Copyright, Two Friends Travels 2016

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